Malibu, the City of Almost Celebrities

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I spent last week hanging out with my best friend in Malibu, CA. Obviously it was incredible, sunny, and seventy five the entire time. In March. I think my body may have had temperature shock while I was there, finally defrosting from the Chicago chill. Aside from the weather, I have gathered this from Malibu; The traffic is horrendous, the food is healthy, the dogs are small, and everyone looks sort of like a celebrity. This last point is the most prominent one. Everyone you pass by, for the most part, is tanned, fit, and has highlights. They brunch with giant mimosas, and spend their days lolling about on the beach, or wandering the streets in big sunglasses and sandals. 

As you can imagine, this is quite surprising to me. I have never been one to care about looks that much. I'm horrible at putting makeup on, I love and live in my Birkenstocks, and being in Chicago winter at least half of every year, I'm about as tan as a piece of paper. But this is SoCal, what did I expect? And all of these famous looking people, they were all interesting and kind, and overall very nice people. But, there is something about these folks that I couldn't stop from picking up on. Never have I seen so much effort put into the idea of being effortless. Their clothes are perfectly loose, their hair is curled just so to look at though they have rolled out of bed, everyone's teeth are sparkling white, despite the fact that they practically mainline coffee. 

I don't know guys, something about that was absolutely fascinating to me. Yet, I made a rule while I was there to refrain from photographing them. It's like seeing a beautiful sunset, it's just too pretty. Too easily digestible. It feels shallow to make photos only of pretty people smiling at the camera. But maybe that's just me being pretentious and horrible. What do you all think?