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May is tricky. It's almost summer but not quite, it's still Spring but feels like even that should already be past. This may for me is about systems. It's about organizing by type, by emotion, by color. Lately, I've been into wearing all one color, and creating mini-color study sets. It feels a little redundant, but I think it's important to rediscover old concepts again. Somehow, color can always seem fresh. I like the idea of being surrounded by one type of thing. Even if it's a set. You are the alien, and the color is the majority. It can be a feeling of total immersion. 


Articulating Screen by Sasha Sykes

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Alba Yruela


Example: When I was 17, I spent and entire day covering every surface in my bedroom in white. White sheets, white objects, white clothes, etc. I wore all white and photographed myself in my room, which at this point really wasn't my room anymore. Then, I wore all black. It was an entirely ordinary, homemade set and I was just an overly creative teenager, but it felt surreal. Being in someplace familiar, but no longer feeling familiar myself. Visual comparisons are the basis of how we ground ourselves in reality. Things make sense because of comparison. I guess right now it's al about playing with that dynamic. We only understand things in relation to each other.


Ann Collier


Mayasa Chiba