Spring Time Mood Board

Okay, okay. So I missed a few posts. I’m back now, and ready to give you all a taste of what I’ve been looking at, thinking about. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit nostalgic, and I have a theory that everyone gets a little nostalgic when the seasons change. The first day of Spring feels markedly different, and reminds me of the spring before, and before that.

Particle Memory by Lita Albuquerque, 1995

^ Particle Memory, Lita Albuquerque 1995

In addition to being nostalgic, I am also recently engaged so I’m feeling romantic as well. All in all, general feelings alert! I hope these pics inspire you like they did me ~

  1. Screenshot from my favorite movie scene of all time, this abstract ballet dance scene in the middle of Singin’ In The Rain. This scene made me understand dance on an entire different level as a kid

  2. Poppies in the Spring , by Bye.Bye.Birdie on flickr

  3. A close lil crop of dust on one of my pictures, that I’ve always liked for some reason

  4. Château de Chenonceau

  5. Small excerpt from Art & Fear, by David Bayles & Ted Orland. Amazing book for artists that want to relate to their work! Highly recommend! You can find it in a pdf form online for free.

  6. “Part” by Iain Stewart, 1998. Chromogenic print

  7. “The Sun Is Out”, Tommy Bruce 2015

  8. Unable to find the artist behind this soothing Cloud TV, but I looove it, whoever you are! I will credit you if I can find you!

  9. Unable to find the artist behind this last one, but it feels peaceful and like love. Again, reach out if this is you!